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Production of components for the biomedical industry

in Carpi plant - Mirandola District

A challenge that has lasted for over fifty years

Established in 1962, Comef S.r.l. is a company that has been operating for more than fifty years in the biomedical industry within the Mirandola (MO) district in the world’s highest concentration of pharmaceutical and biomedical companies.

The market of “Components for Artero-Venous Kits,” has assigned to Comef the role of leader thanks to the Research, Development, Production and Sales of components for multiple medical applications. 

The Company is known and appreciated as a manufacturer of Components for Medical Disposables and Accessories for the Dialysis, Infusion and Transfusion, and Cardiac Surgery sectors, a World Leading Company of products necessary for the management of Extra-European Circulation.

Leading Company

Comef, is able to meet the demands of all markets.

In the Mirandola district, the concentration of large multinationals operating in the biomedical sector enables Comef to confront the most prestigious competitor every day, detecting the new needs of the Market always guaranteeing high-quality standards.


The company’s core business consists of moulding plastic components for: 

  • Dialysis
  • Haemofiltration and Cardiosurgery
  • The design and production of moulds in collaboration with leading Mechanical Workshops.

The importance of the human factor

For COMEF, human resources are the main guarantee of success. 

On their involvement and capacity depends on the achievement of objectives. 

In fact, through continuous and targeted training, it is possible to provide an adequate response to the continuous challenges that the market offers us.

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